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Thirty Years Serving Savannah's Best Seafood!

The ShellHouse Restaurant maintains an extremely high standard when it comes to food quality.  After thirty years in business, there are indeed certain things we must be doing right!   We have always served the best fresh seafood and use quality ingredients in all our homemade stews, deserts, and side dishes.  As well, we seek out and maintain relationships with the same fishermen for the past thirty plus years we have been in business when it comes to fresh seafood.  In 2004, we introduced fried shrimp and oysters, grilled chicken, grilled Mahi-Mahi and hand-cut steaks, but our commitment to serving the best boiled and steamed seafood has never waivered . Many of the recipes that are used have been passed down through generations and are considered family secrets; just so you know butter makes everything better!   

Steamed, Fried or Grilled

Seafood your way!  How do you want your shrimp today; grilled, fried, boiled, or bada-binged?  Oysters on the half shell, a bucket steamed, or fried?  All of our food is cooked to order; no food ever sits underneath heat lamps waiting on a server, as we do not have any.  Items ordered from the grill will have a longer cook time than those that are steamed or fried, but most of our customers will agree that it does not take long for the delicious meals to arrive to their the table within a timely fashion.  Our "Low Country Boil" is the most popular dinner on the menu.  Fresh boiled shrimp, sausage made right here in Savannah, sweet corn, and red potatoes sprinkled with ShellHouse Seafood Seasoning is just a slice of heaven; however, just to keep it real for y'all because we love our customers, our items are NOT cooked in the same pot due to potential food allergies to seafood and our need to assure the safety of our customers allergic to shellfish is a top priority.  Step out of the box and indulge in a "Snow Country Boil"!  

Snow Crab & Shrimp

Our Alaskan Snow Crab Legs are harvested from the Bering Sea, the same ocean "Deadliest Catch" is filmed.  Proudly, we can say that The ShellHouse does receive product caught by one of the boats from that show.  Snow crab stays on the menu year-round, thanks to tremendous amounts of pre-planning, price negotiations, our very own warehouse, and direct communication with fisherman regarding weather forecasts and predictions.  Dungeness and King crab are market-priced.

The ShellHouse also has a dedicated source for East Coast shrimp, and when you get a pound of shrimp – it’s a cooked pound, not a pre-cooked weight.  

Bring Your Friends

Come Eat Dinner With Us

Are you a guest in our Historic city?  The ShellHouse Restaurant is conveniently located just off I-95 at exit 94 and on Gateway Boulevard West – just 15 minutes from Historic Downtown Savannah.  The ShellHouse is where the local Savannahians dine for the best seafood in Savannah, Georgia!  

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